Pikanto specification and prices:

Hull moulding
Hull parts are moulded in two layers of woven glass (165 g/m2) and epoxy resin. Available in clear or coloured gelcoat. The hull moulding have an enclosed and raised foredeck and is provided with generous flange around the aft deck, suitable for finish in your own style.

Hull kit
Hull moulding with fitted fin/mast trunk moulding and lowered deck around mast, deck beam in the area of mainsheet post and GRP tube in fore part for No.1 headsail swivel attachment.

Boat ready to add rc and rigs:
Boat ready to add rc and rigs means that the boat is finished and you need to install RC equipment and rigs. Following items are included:

- hull kit
- SAILSetc fin and rudder
- bulb made in metal mould
- SAILSetc hull fittings
- recessed deck with pot accessible at deck level

- So far all of the boats built (Topiko and Pikanto) have been fitted with original SAILSetc foils (fins and rudders) and locally made bulbs.
- Position of foils in relation to the hull is as specified for original SAILSetc Pikanto.
- Mast/fin trunk allows you to fit the fin of your choice, but so far no such configuration has been tested.

Ask for prices and delivery dates on E-mail: "robert.grubisa" at "ri.htnet.hr"

Hull moulding

                                                                Hull kit ready to be delivered

Currently available gel coat pigments (March-April 2009)

Note: As guide only. Boat colour maybe slightly different.

Quill grey


Smoke grey


Mazarine blue